4779 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, Florida, 33139

Rooms Consulted On:

  1. Living Room

  2. dining room (Advice)

  3. Entry 

Wall Colors & Paint Presentation

  • Will add around 8-9PM on Dec 17th, 2nd Edit

Contractor Services Needed

  • Painting:  Possibly wanted to paint an accent wall, but not at the moment.

Purchase List


When you finally decide to start shopping, you can use this as your checklist.  

Living Room

Currently the client is in the process swapping out her current furniture and has not decided exactly which way she will go.  So below we will consult simply on what we believe Audrey should do.
  • seating area

    • Client should have two love seats in the color white facing one another, leaving the walkway space between the dining room and the living room open.  She could either leave the blank space completely empty, or place one of the following:
      • Two matching ottoman cubes for seating
      • One long bench
  • Lighting

    • To complete the transformation to the look Audrey truly wants, she would need to replace that lamp with one of the following types of lamps:
      • Arc Lamp with Marble Base
      • Big Dipper Lamp
      • Tripod Floor Lamp
  • Window Treatments

    • Unsure currently what window treatments were in the unit, but I would suggest a change to white sheer drapes. 
  • Rug

    • Client is going to keep her current purple rug.
  • Pillows

    • I suggest silver and dark purple pillows to marry the new colors together from the couch, rug and the coffee table.
  • End Table and End Table Light

    • Replace current end tables (if they don't go with the current theme) to a more modern version.  On one of the two new end-tables, Audrey could add a table light to complete the look.  Modern table lights are usually not typical base lamps with standard shades, but consist of a variety of alternative shapes and formations.  Below are some photos of modern end tables and lights that would look good on-top of them that I would try to model the new choices after if I was selecting the purchasing for Audrey.
Modern End Table Lamp

Modern End Table Lamp

  • Accessories

    • Server for Coffee Table, either metal or colored lacquer 
      • Holds books in titles that represent Audrey's personality or interests, candle stems, orbs, etc
        • See Photos to the Right
  • Shelf (Negative Space)

    • If Audrey wanted to add another element of color, she could put wallpaper on the back wall of the in-laid shelf in the living room, or paint them, or even paint the shelfs themselves. 

Entry Way

  • Under console

    • Add 1 or 2 matching of the following options:
      • Drum Ottomans
      • Garden Stools
      • Cube Ottomans
  • behind console

    • Place the floor mirror that already exists behind the console for the following apperance (see example on the right)
  • Accessories

    • Any of the following could be placed on the console
      • Orchids (popular option in entry way, see right)
      • Glass bowls for keys
      • Table top ceramic art
      • Metallic orbs
  • Runner rug

    • Change Rug
      • Since entry way is mostly lacking color, and there will be minimal color in the Living Room, client could go either of the routes to the right.
        • 1st Photo: Solid Color with Border
          • If this route is chosen, choose a table top accessory that features this color to bring out the rug.  
        • 2nd Photo: Casablanca Print
          • A very modern option at the moment, I would choose something like grey with white lines to act as a proper precursoer for the modern living room ahead.

Dining Room Rug

Client style analysis results

Will add along with paint options and color presentation around 8-9pm on Dec 17th, 2nd edit.