This case study will walk you through the 8 steps of this
client's experience. 

Client/Project Profile

Client Name:   Beth
type of space:  Commercial space/photography studio
Budget for decorations & furniture: No more than $2000
how she needed the space to function
1.) needed a work space
2.) vanity area for models
3.) waiting area for guests
4.) refreshments area
5.) photo and backdrop area to shoot photos

space space: 400x425 sq ft
timeline to complete the job:: 3 weeks
upgrades purchased: 3D computer rendering ($199)
total spent: Package price: ($350) + 3D Rendering upgrade ($199) = ($549)

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Beth found us online, and sent us an e-mail. She stated she had just signed a new lease on a studio space, but did not have access to it until the end of the month.  She mentioned that she ideally wanted the plans completed by the time she moved in.  Consultation was the perfect service for her, since not only is it affordable, but it does not require us to be inside the space beforehand to complete a successful design.

Our designer Sara sent her an invoice that was payable online for her project, along with our contract which was also completed (signed) online.  Once those two things were handled, we started our planning.


Stock Photo

Stock Photo

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Before Photos

Beth was asked to take (as clear as possible) photos from either a camera, or her smart phone, of the space.  We needed:

  1. A clear photo of each wall.
  2. If possible - a video filmed with the camera turning in a full circle, slowly, so we can see the whole room.
  3. A floor plan either drawn on paper or from the building.  (Optional)

We asked her to send these either by

  • Taking them from her smartphone and texting them to our mobile phone number, or by
  • Taking the photo from a digital camera and uploading/sending to our email.

(Click to enlarge photos)

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Photo analysis test

To better understand Beth's design style and preferences, we completed our Photo Analysis test with her.  Since she was not local to the Miami area, we completed this test over the phone.  We sent her the URL webpage link to the Photo Analysis Test album, and we gathered her likes and dislikes through an quick & easy guided phone-call.

(Above:  Clients are asked to look at a series of interior photos, with codes placed by our designer that mark certain attributes of the space.  Based off the selections the client states they favor, an accurate start to their design process is guaranteed.)

step 4 of 8 (Optional)
Client-Provided inspiration Photos

Although not necessary, some clients wish to give us example photos of what they like in addition to completing the test.

In this case, Beth provided us with an email that was filled with interior spaces that she loved. When we combined the data from her e-mail along with the Photo Analysis Test results, we knew exactly how she wanted the space to appear. 

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Consultation Item Index

We documented everything that Beth:

  1. Stated to us that she needed as far as decorations, designs, etc
  2. Things we believed she needed as far as decorations, designs, etc

We combined them all on a clear and detailed list for her approval.  This index was sent to her by e-mail just a few days after our Photo Analysis Test was completed.  

Since the consultation package does not come with edits to the final selections we provide, we encourage clients to make any revisions to the index (if there is any).

Once she approved the index, we went to work finding the items for her project.

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e-List Presentation

Within 7 business days, Beth was given a URL webpage link, hosted on our server, that she was able to simply click on and see her results!   

All the selections were listed in URL format, so Beth could conveniently shop online, at her own pace and in the privacy of her own home.

Each of the title items listed above were clickable URL links, so that Beth could purchase her decor at her leisure. 

Each of the title items listed above were clickable URL links, so that Beth could purchase her decor at her leisure. 

step 7 of 8 (Optional upgrade)
3D Computer Rendering ($199/room)

To assist someone with the decoration portion of the service, there are two optional upgrades that clients can purchase after the standard package fee.  These upgrades better help them put everything together once it's ordered.  If they are not in the local area, or simply want to do it themselves, clients can order a 3D Computer Rendering of the final space.  Clients can also opt to bring in the designer herself to decorate for them.

This helps to show the client image "placeholders", and from this, they can better understand where to put the items once they arrive.


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Client's space was successfully completed from start-to-finish
within only 14 business days!!!

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