3D Rendering - One Room

3D Rendering - One Room

from 199.00

Available Worldwide!

See Your Finished Product Before You Even Start! 

Take the guess work out of your project, and see your design results in stunning detail. These high resolution 3-D images include real "skins" of art, floors, tile, etc. Use this guide as a complex design map.


Price includes per room:

  1. 15 Camera angles per room including aerial and first-person.
  2. Use actual 'skins' (real flooring, real patterns, real fabrics,etc)
  3. Change the outside view for a more realistic feel (water, city, backyard) 
  4. Includes all the items we selected for you if you purchased our Mood Board package, or the conceptual place-holder example of items you tell us you want/need/have or that we think would be a good fit.
  5. Wide Angle, Aerial, Close-Up, Blueprint & Eye Level Views
  6. Completed within 1 week! 

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You must call us after ordering or e-mail us at sara@affordable-interior-design.com and send us the existing photos of the room!