Paint Palette

Paint Palette


Need help choosing paint?

Look no further than AID - Interior Design Miami's Paint Color Palette service!

For both Miami and customers around the world!  Simply follow the easy instructions on the Paint Palette homepage, and purchase!  

For the price of 3 cans of the WRONG COLOR, why not purchase Paint Palette and get 6 swatches of the RIGHT COLORS!


  1. 6 Swatches in ANY Combination you want!
    (Example: 4 full room colors wall colors, 2 accent wall colors.)

  2. Results within 7 business days!

  3. PDF file sent to your e-mail
    Including the clickable swatches for easy gallon/pint or sample ordering.

  4. JPG photo including instructions on finishes
    One room in eggshell and two in flat?  We will know which goes where, so you're all set!



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