e-design services

iGuide is our unique term for our online interior design services.  Using the magic of the internet and other useful and convenient online tools readily at our disposal, we can design a space from front to back without ever even being there, all the while, delivering the results via a personal, password protected webpage.  Click below to read about our services, including the iGuide.


No matter where you are, iGuide Online Interior Design services can help you!

If you think about a project from zero to 100, consider iGuide your first 50%.  We select all the objects for you, and after that, you simply receive your packages, set up and enjoy!  We find all the correct items for your space, all you have you do is order!

The results are delivered on your own personal webpage!

You will receive a personal link, which will contain clickable photos of all the selections our designers chose for you.  Similar to online shopping (which we all are familiar with...) you simply log on, and shop!

Fast results!  No meetings needed!

Our iGuide service is essential e-design, a move that is currently sweeping the nation, and popular around the world.  Whether you're in Miami and simply too busy for the entire, full service interior design process, or maybe you live far away and just want to experience beautiful and professional Miami interior design, iGuide may be the perfect option for you!