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Affordable Interior Design Miami's 3D Computer Rendering services help client's see the possibilities within their space without ever making plan commitments or spending money on materials/objects.  

For spaces that need renovation work (bathrooms, kitchens), for people who want to see various different looks before making their decision or for people who simply want to see the space outfitted before they spend any money, 3D Computer Renderings may be the best option.

Differences between the 3D Computer Rendering services

We offer three types of e-design services.

  1. Express:  Basic quality, single photograph of room. Recommended for quick ideas or spacial planning.  Not able to test real paint colors or swatches, as result is more "cartoon" like than "photograph" like.
  2. Standard:  Medium quality resolution.  Includes 4 photos (one of each direction/wall in a space). Recommended for quick ideas or spacial planning.  Able to test paint colors and swatches but will not be 100 accurately depicted, only meant to be viewed as a general idea.
  3. Photo Quality: Highest quality possible, little difference between this level and a real photograph.  Recommended for real testing paint colors, fabric and swatches.  All paint colors, fabrics and materials shown will appear as nearly-exactly as it would if implemented in real life.  Includes 4 photos/room.

    Beyond giving any client, no matter what they are using the results for, the best possible image: This is the only rendering service recommended for those who plan to provide their renderings to contractors or usage for pre-renovation work and any space that needs to show exterior light sources (daylight, night sky) or interior light sources. (Other qualities do not.)

services explained



This 3D Rendering Service is helpful to understanding the locations of the room where we suggest on placing your furniture and a light example of fabric/wall, etc colors.  Think of it as a very detailed version of the "Object Map"  (Object Map comes only with our iGuide service.)  Express 3D Computer Renderings come delivered with one photo.   Clients have the option to choose between the view of one specific wall or an overall aerial view.



Rooms are slightly higher quality than 'Express', and come with all directional views of the room.  One standard tone is shown outside windows (white-bright) and no interior light sources are on.  However real materials and paint colors are available to test.  Comes with 4 photos.


photo quality

There is little difference between our Photo Quality renderings, and a real picture.  All features are active such as interior light sources, real time outside light sources ranging from bright, sunset/dusk and dark night sky and detailed depictions of imported fabrics, swatches and paint colors.


test out your ideas
and gain new ones from us

Everyone at some point thinks  a certain color tone (don't get us started on red or green...) would look just perfect until $200 and 10 hours later - only to realize that it just... isn't.  This is one of the benefits that computer renderings give the design world, and more important --- our clients.

Everyone at some point thinks  a certain color tone (don't get us started on red or green...) would look just perfect until $200 and 10 hours later - only to realize that it just... isn't.  This is one of the benefits that computer renderings give the design world, and more important --- our clients.

ensure your
new purchases fit

That couch you have your heart set on may be beautiful and within budget, but once in your house you realize it's way too big.  Instead of dealing with the hassle of returns due to inaccurate sizes, allow a rendering to show you in real-time the distance between your other furnishings. Renderings also show the client the minimum and maximum widths of future objects to ensure you spend your money on the right selections.


I am so glad I called Sara to help me re design my apartment. I have been swamped with work and have not had time to do anything with my place. I met with her and told her the colors I liked and the Miami Modern theme I was going for. Even though I only have a 1 Bedroom apartment she was able to work with my space to make it look more modern and cool. My building is from the 60’s and it desperately needed some help. She was able to stick to my budget too and that included paint, wall decorations, and some furniture. I would highly recommend her service.
— (Yelp Review) — Nicole
I highly recommend AID Miami to anyone in need of exceptional interior design services. Sara is a phenomenal interior designer and has a knack for getting projects done quickly and efficiently, even at a moment’s notice. Sara is extremely client-focused and has proven that she can get the job done within any budget.
— (Yelp Review) - hector


prices for our 3D Computer Rendering Services

  • Express:  One Wall, One Photo: $129.  Purchase additional directional views in same room (extra photo, different wall) for $49/each.
  • Standard: All directional views (all views/walls, same room) Four Photographs: $425
  • Photo Quality: All directional views (all views/walls, same room) Four Photographs: $795


What are the differences between the quality levels?

Express & Standard offer the same features/functions, the only difference is the photo resolution on the standard is slightly more clear, and as well; that the standard service comes with 4 photos (one of each wall), whereas the Express only shows one wall or an aerial view (your choice).

Photo Quality offers dozens more features, such as interior light sources, outside environments, time of day representation, highest level photo resolution and size, crystal clear detailing, and much more.

To read more about these differences, please enlarge the photo (see photo).  Since Express & Standard have the same functions, everything in the 'Standard' column applies towards the 'Express', except the amount of photos provided.

click to expand photo COMPARISON chart

Click to expand comparison chart.



  • Express - 10 Business Days
  • Standard - 14 Business Days
  • Photo Quality - 18 Business Days

What if I need them quicker than that?

You can put a rush order to any service for $249 for 2-business day delivery or $169 for 4-business day delivery.

Can i edit my results?

Yes.  You can change anything or add any new material, fabric or color swatches for $75 flat rate per new photograph.  There is no limit to how many different things you want to apply a new material to.  (Even though there isn't a limit on new swatch/colors/materials, you are limited by the amount of objects.  For instance, one new sofa material, one new curtain fabric, one new paint color, etc.)

How do i provide you with material, color, fabric swatches?

Taking a photo and simply zooming in + cropping out the color is the easiest way to do it.  (That's how we do it!)  However, you can also provide us with links and we will do it for you.

To do so: You can e-mail us at sara@affordable-interior-design.com a list of links to furniture/curtains/rugs etc, and if the photo allows us to pull a piece of it to use that is of high enough pixel resolution, we will do so.  Some photos online are not large enough or do not allow enough of the image to be cut in an even way to show an accurate enough result.  In these cases, we will use a similar looking replacement for substitution. 

For paint colors: Please provide us with a .jpg of the actual swatch color you found online, or simply provide us with the brand & color code, or simply send us the link or photo of the swatch online.  (Do not photograph color swatches, as the color will be distorted and not as accurate as if you pulled it offline).

When submitting fabric/materials

Make sure the image you send us has an area within the photo to make a clear, even crop.

Make sure the image you send us has an area within the photo to make a clear, even crop.

when submitting paint colors

Make sure the colors are clear, digital and pulled from the pant company's website.

how do your designers know what i want?

No matter what service you select, you will complete a photo analysis test with our designer to help us understand your design preferences.  As well (and recommended) you can email us photos of rooms you like online.  We then will complete an "Index" with you, which is a bullet-point list of all the items you are telling us both currently exist, as well as that you want to add.  We will use that data, paired with our own unique suggestions to create your rendering.

Are the renderings

Express & Standard are not to-scale, and Photo Quality can be, but only if you provide exact measurements.  (Floor-plans do not count, as we need the measurements to be provided in a specific format that our computer understands).  Please click below to see our how-to guide for taking them.

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Brickell Penthouse Patio designed by Affordable Interior Design Miami - December 2015