Affordable Interior Design Miami's online interior design services (e-design) are meant to be easily accessible for anyone worldwide, and are the cornerstone our brand of being able to not only offer traditional full service, but a more affordable option as well.

Clients may use our e-design service as a starting point with us, either for reasons of tight budgets or to get more comfortable to the interior design process, or simply use it as their final design destination.

Differences between the e-design services

We offer three types of e-design services.

  1. Design Board Lite:  Our design board service is based around an "Inspiration Board", which is a 2D photo with example objects that are dragged and dropped to show you our example selections of the style, colors, shapes, etc of what we suggest for your project.  Board will include 10 objects.
  2. Design Board Plus:  Similar to above, except clients will also receive real paint swatch suggestions, a space-plan layout which explains where each piece should go and each board will include up to 20 objects.
  3. iGuide: For those looking for a more in-depth, detailed service with real life items to shop from, our iGuide is the perfect solution.  Client's are assigned a personal, password protected webpage with real objects they can simply click from and shop off of.  

services explained


design board lite

Design Board Lite is limited to 10 objects, and 3 non-named paint color examples, sent as a single, high-res photo file.


Design Board Lite includes 10 example objects that we believe match the style that would best suit your space.


Design board plus

Design Board Plus includes up to 20 example objects as well as real paint colors (up to 5 colors) with the brand name and color
codes listed as well as a space-planning guide to show you how we suggest the furniture to be arranged for easy decorating!

Design Board Plus includes both objects, as well as real paint colors and a space planning floor plan guide.



iGuide is a real shopping experience for a room, with everything we suggest being accessible by the click of a button.  Client's receive their own personal webpage, with no limit to how many items in a room that we can suggest. Client's may also edit up to 5 of the items in their iGuide results to swap out with new suggestions upon delivery.  

iGuide comes standard with a real-life object map (see below), which includes the actual purchase suggestions lined up against one another to show you how it all will look amongst each other.


example of an object map for iguide

Example of the object map, which is meant to show all the real purchases together in one eye-view so the client can understand how it will all come together and where it should go in real-time.

example of the personal webpage view

Example of the personal webpage view with clickable objects to shop from (click to expand photo)


Fortunately one of my colleagues suggested I enlist the help of Affordable Interior Design. I couldn’t afford the designers I was getting quotes on but I didn’t know where to start. Their virtual design services was exactly what I needed. They helped me find items and vendors at affordable prices and kept me on track and on budget. The end product was awesome.
— (Houzz Review) — Clohe Aimmestin
Sara is a consummate professional and excellent interior designer. Her creative vision and understanding of aesthetic, yet functional design will keep me coming back.
— (Houzz Review) - Fred Bean

Estimate for online interior design Services

  • Design Board Lite:  Our 'Lite' service is a flat rate of $325.  This includes one room, with one look.  Add an additional look to a room for $50, or add an additional room for only $99.
  • Design Board Plus: Our 'Plus' service is a flat rate of $495.  This includes one room with all the extras.  Add an additional look to a room for $40, or add an additional room for $75.
  • iGuide: Our 'iGuide' service is a flat rate of $750.


does the design board service offer real objects to purchase?

No.  The objects shown on the boards are real, however they are not clickable to purchase, they are simply meant to be used as a reference.

How long until i get my results for the design boards?

Design Board Lite takes 7 business days to receive results, where Design Board Plus takes 10 business days.

How long until i receive my iguide results?

Since iGuide involves measurements & photographs from the client, and product research from our designers, no exact time table can be given.  However, most projects are completed & delivered within 14 business days.

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