Patricia Fernandez
Miami Bail Bonds

7035 NW 41st St
Miami, Florida, 33166

Rooms Consulted On:

  1. Main Reception Area

Wall Colors & Paint Presentation

  • East wall (Entry) and behind desk - Strie - Dark Grey
  • Other Walls: Light Gray

Contractor Services Needed

  • Window Treatment: Designer chose shutters in a matching color/tone as the wood.
  • Flooring:  Dark flooring.
  • Wall and Paint: Chose both regular pearl finish paint as well as decorative paint technique "Strie"
  • Lighting: Pendant lighting as well as cove and resessed lighting (See Renderings)

Purchase List


When you finally decide to start shopping, you can use this as your checklist.  


Reception Area

Window Treatments

  • I chose (renderings) a thick, wooden roman shades, three panels.  Since there is a 2 inch gap from where the windows end, and the wall, I would make sure to get treatments to extend the entire wall so there is no gap.

Seating Area (See Renderings for Positioning)

  • 4 Matching love-seats, light in color.
  • 4 Single Accent Chairs
  • 2 Coffee Tables
  • Stone accent on small wall
  • TV on Stone Wall
  • Plant (Tall)
  • Vase (Glass, Black)
  • 2 End Tables neat Single Accent Chairs
  • 2 Lamps
  • Assortment of books, magazines (Can find interesting, colorful coffee table books at Thrift Stores)

Flooring & Paint

  • Dark wood floors
    • Cherry
    • Walnut

East Entry Wall and Wall behind Desk (See Rendering)`

  • Ash-Medium Gray on EAST wall and behind the desk
  • Paint Technique (Shown in rendering and chosen by designer: Strie)

General Paint

  • Light, (Bone) Gray.
    • There are two types of gray, blue toned (cold) and yellow toned (warm).  Go with a yellow tone.  

Desk Area

  • Behind the desk, designer chose a custom, vinyl to be printed with the business name, (See rendering below) - If you need help ordering this, we have a vendor.  Below is the real swatch we designed from our vendor and can be ordered for your glass.
  • Drop pendant lights (4) in various heights
    • Designer chose a white, pearl shine small tiled design (See swatch below)
  • Desk - 90 degree angle desk that covers all but the east side
    • East side, have swinging door installed on the east wall for easy entry/exit for staff
  • On the ceiling (Design Explained)
    • Wood planks have been placed and stem from the wall all the way out to the desk's end

Middle Wall Between Two Doors on West Wall

  • Art 
    • 4, Museum Matte Frames
      • Mix of black and white and color
      • Abstract Art
      • 3" White or Black Matte
      • Brushed Nickel Frame
  • Console Table
    • Coffee, Tea, Water
    • Optional open area on bottom for plant

Preferred Style & Design Likes/Dislikes


  • Likes:  Museum Matte Frames with 4" white mattes that featured black and white photography from the same series, 
  • Dislikes: Color realism photography, frames with too much detail.


  • Likes: Gray, contrasts between dark grey and light grey, dark warm brown floors with lighter cream colored beige furniture 
  • Dislikes: Neon, bright colors, 


  • Likes: Live edge wood desks and table tops (coffee table, accent table), wing back accent chairs that were light in color and had dark legs with a colorful pillow, Smoked glass on top of dark black lacquer coffee tables, 
  • Dislikes: Bushy, round, traditional looking plants.

Textures, Tiles and Flooring

  • Likes: Wood planks, wood boarding wallpaper, mosaic tiles, client really liked all dark flooring in general that she saw, Light Herringbone Wood on an accent wall, cherry red tinted wood floors with lots of dimension, smooth black floors with no dimension, cream sheer drapes (10%), 
  • Dislikes: Tile and carpet, shag and all long yarn-type shag/heavy rug materials


  • Likes: Floating shelving, shutters, Japanese beach pebbles, clay pots for plants, short palm plants with large leafs, small table top horn accents, woven baskets with closed tops, tall stick light plants (Kelly Grass), etched glass dark toned vase, roman shades (modern), tall floral plants
  • Dislikes: Coral, shell, busy patterns. 


  • Likes:  Recessed lighting in the ceiling, dramatic drop light pendants, ceiling lighting (the type you liked was called cove lighting)
  • Dislikes: Harsh white light, florescent lighting

Other Notes:

Client really likes contrasting colors between shades of gray and browns and creams, leans towards minimalist modern and contemporaneity but also liked patterns and textures from Mediterranean styles.