Some of your customers WILL seek out design services.

Keep that business in YOUR business
by referring your clients to us.

+ real estate agent guide

we work hand in hand with many luxury real estate agents in the south florida area.  we act as an added bonus to the work they offer their clients.  

real estate professionals receive a 12% commission from all work, with complete transparency.  

the agents we have worked with have noted benefiting greatly due to happier clients and more client referrals.  

think of us an extension of your business; an added luxury service without doing any extra work!

+ 411

+ how it works

aid works hand in hand with real estate professionals, offering our services through a direct website link that you can easily give to new renters or home owners to point them in our direction and help them get started in their new home as soon as the ink dries on their leases!

this link has your logo on it, and is unique to you and your business, as this is a service extension of you!

from this website, they can schedule a consultation appointment, learn more about our services and even utilize designNOW to pre-design their space in under 30 minutes!  WOW! 

(click here to see what a realtor page looks like.)

+ instant results

"designNOW" is an option on a realtor page that allows your clients to lay the 'groundwork' on the design of their space almost INSTANTLY!

(click here to tour "designNOW")

payments are made in the beginning of the process, and 12% commissions are paid to you within 2 business days, this is done through PayPal.  This means you get paid ASAP!

+ our clientele 

our target clientele are young professionals, bachelors, and single first time home owners or luxury condo renters.  

primarily, our clients are young men who do not have the time to go through lengthy design processes,  they know what they like, and just want to experience a sleek, sexy modern interior -- easily and quickly.

(we even were mentioned in The Brickell Voice for our work on bachelor pads [June, 2013.])

+ why it works

  • + we have eliminated waiting

no need to e-mail back and fourth for weeks just to schedule a meeting.  we give you a URL link, with your logo and information on it, that allows clients to book appointments and even pre-design their space. 

  • + we offer results quickly for your client

through the "designNOW" page, clients can preview a condensed form of our design catalog that features the most popular furniture & upgrades we perform.  they let us know what they like, and we can have a proposal for them within a few days of their project starting date, leading to an almost instant completion of their design!

  • + we pay commissions within 2 days through PayPal

 the second they pay the initial service fees, we know where it came from.  you're alerted instantly, and paid within 2 business days through PayPal.

+ gives you an added luxury service for your business with no cost and no extra work.

buying or renting a space is just the first step. they need design, and a percentage of those people will seek a professional interior design firm for help or guidance.  keep the business in your business by referring aid to your clients.