3D Computer Renderings, Interior Design Projects, AutoCad

3D Computer Renderings, Interior Design Projects, AutoCad

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High-Def Computer Renderings
are the closet thing you can get
to a real photograph!

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If you are looking to see your future space in real time, than there is no better option for you than purchasing 3D Computer Renderings! Thanks to AID Interior Design Miami, now you too can enjoy this luxury design service at an affordable price.

“How would a high-def rendering help my design project?”

  1. Can’t decide between wall colors, art work, rug material, etc?

    Trial & error almost anything that you are stuck on to help make your decision easier.


    See the final result before you spend anything!

  3. Create Lighting Plans

    High-Def renderings can show you various lighting temperatures and strengths.

  4. Furniture Arrangement / Space Planning

    Take the guess work out of “where to put what?”

  5. Ensure everyone is on the same page during a renovation

    Use high-def renderings prevent costly mistakes in the future between multiple parties (contractors… architects, investors, etc)

add our VR Tour for only $125!

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1.) How do I get started?

All orders are started & submitted by using the “add to cart” button. Please be sure you correct package and add-on upon check out.

2.) What do I do once I pay?

Within 24 hours of your payment, you will receive a phone call from our designer on further details.

3.) What do I need get started?

To start your process, please carefully read and fill out the start now form shown at the bottom of this page.

4.) What do I need to provide you?

    We need to see all walls (North, South, East, West) in photos that are labeled in order, and going clock-wise. (First N, then E, etc). Photos must be taken in natural light, and at the same time as when you take your video to ensure the visuals match.
  • VIDEO---
    We need one video, taken with good natural lighting, showing the room from top to bottom (ceiling to floor/baseboards), turning in a slow, clock-wise direction. Your video should be 5-10 seconds long.
    A floor plan with accurate measurements is highly suggested, however our skilled design team can estimate the scale using objects we see within your photographs. Check with your building/realtor for a basic floor plan outline. Usually that is all we need, unless otherwise specified by you.

5.) How much do 3D Computer Renderings usually cost?

Elsewhere: renderings traditionally cost a minimum of $5,000. Thanks to AID Miami, you can enjoy this luxury service at an affordable cost.

6.) How long do they take to be completed?

It really depends on the project, but the average is 2 weeks and we guarantee delivery within 4 weeks.

7.) Can I make any changes to the final image?

No, however you will be contacted at the rough-draft phase and mid-way to give us any additional information, submit any materials you want to see or make any additional edits/changes.

8.) What if I want to stop this project but I already paid. Can I?

Plans change, we understand.

Refunds are only accepted within a 3-day window after your payment. During our the review of your rough-draft progress (as mentioned above) is the last moment you would have to cancel. If you cancel at this point, you will only receive 75% of your payment returned. Any returns on work made after this point is considered prohibited.

8.) What if I don't have floor plans with exact measurements?

If you don't have time to take them, or it's impossible for any reason, we can create you a conceptual design (instead of a to-scale one) instead.

Please be advised that there is a huge difference between a computer rendering that is “to-scale” (rendering is shown according to measurements) and one that is “conceptual” (rendering is shown without exact measurements).

The difference is not in the way it looks, but how it's used. If you are using your rendering images for a business proposal, for personal use or to trial-and-error various elements such as flooring or paint colors - conceptual is OK.