Sara is an interior design superstar. And as cheesy as that may sound, she is fantastic! She’s really dedicated to giving her clients a wonderful experience.
— Celebrity Designer Alycia Wicker
Sara is very thorough, punctual, energetic and above all super creative and a joy to work with. I couldn’t be happier with how my whole experience worked out.
— Client, Michael Jefferson
Sara brings Midwestern hospitality, sincerity and humor to each project. Her ability to create spaces that are exactly what her client wants, considerations of budgets & timelines and her innate ability to magically become friends with her clients is what makes her particular approach to interior design so incredibly rare for a town that is built on the quite the opposite.”
— Cameron Brock, B Lighting
I needed a fresh start after my divorce. They helped me find items and vendors at affordable prices and kept me on track and on budget. The end product was awesome. My condo is everything I’ve always wanted and now I can move on with my life.”
— Client, Clohe Aimmestin
I highly recommend Sara from Affordable Interior Design, she has an exceptional taste, super talented with a perfect blend of sophistication, class and expertise. Every time I have people over, my living room gets the best compliments.
— Client, Gustavo Pantol
I will really recommend Sara 100% She is really responsible, she has great taste, and she really takes you budget in consideration. Beside that, she is super sweet and willing to help you in all the details.
— Client, Miami Fashion Photographer Bonnie Rzm