How to Design a Commercial Space: 5 Genius Concepts for Professional Spaces

Are you stuck on how to design your commercial interior?

When you have a commercial space —
you have put yourself in your customer’s shoes
and think like your target audience.

Although there’s many ways to achieve amazing style..
here’s 5 interesting and beautiful
interior design concepts
for commercial spaces.

Design Concept #1 -
Making Luxury “Charming & Approachable”

Lush Spa in Hong Kong    Worldwide Cosmetics Store Brand

Lush Spa in Hong Kong
Worldwide Cosmetics Store Brand


When it comes to creating the impossible bridge between a sweet, simple country lemonade stand and the shiny, luxurious packaged products in the aisles of Saks Fifth Avenue… somehow… Lush nailed it.

By modernizing the shabby-chic staple of freshly-scripted chalk signage and layering it against a duo of monochromatic tones that dominate over faint pops of natural wood, this brand’s design is the ultimate example of creating a store that oozes luxurious, yet approachable energy.

It also helps you to forget that travel-sized shampoo & conditioner kit and those innocent looking glitter rainbow bath-bombs you threw in your cart total ‘arounddddd’ $100.

Lush Spa, Hong Kong

Design Concept #2 -

If your design allows you the freedom to bend the rules - GO for it!

El Santuario Resort & Spa Valle De Braco, Mexico    Destination Spa & Resort

El Santuario Resort & Spa Valle De Braco, Mexico
Destination Spa & Resort


There is little difference between what painters do with a canvas and paintbrush, and what we interior designers can achieve with our imagination.

When it comes to design, hidden beauty can almost always be found by bending rules and taking design risks, such as this landmark spa with it’s “out-of-this-world” vibes. Sure, it all depends on the space and the boundaries each unique space brings, but if you have the opportunity to “go a little outside the box” - GO!!

Unnatural spherical structure shapes are pared with abstract doors amongst an overall landscape that is more reminiscent of a story book setting than a spa.

And quite frankly, that’s the appeal…

El Santuario Resort & Spa, Valle De Braco, Mexico

Design Concept #3 -
”Bring the Outside… In.”

Nayara Springs, Costa Rica    Boutique Resort & Spa

Nayara Springs, Costa Rica
Boutique Resort & Spa


Any time you have a chance to unite your interior space with the great outdoors should be exploited.

Connecting the two worlds gives the feeling of being one with nature, and is a fantastic chance to add a strong design element to your space. It’s also one of the most important feng-shui principals!

Think about it…. would you want to work in a room with only one pitiful window? No? Well people don’t want to vacation in one, either.

Don’t overthink it. White sheer curtains, wide-open views, skylights and to floor-to-ceiling windows are great places to start.

Nayara Springs, Costa Rica

Design Concept #4 -
”Making Space for a Stylish Communal Area”

Cadillac House, New York, New York    Auto Showroom

Cadillac House, New York, New York
Auto Showroom

It doesn’t really matter what type of commercial space you have — a communal space will still probably fit within the design. You might be saying, “But Sara, my customer’s don’t eat or drink here.. so why would I introduce a space for people in my design?” Just take a look at Cadillac House in NYC and how they mixed in an auto showroom with a hip lounge-style conversational space.

There are numerous reasons to add a social space… but here’s a few:

  1. People like to lounge.
    A busy lounge area creates the appearance of being busy to other customers who may be just passing by. Next thing you know, they’re stopping in just to see what all the action is about!

  2. Good design drives creativity and sales.
    Business deals, pitches, meetings, conducting new-hire interviews and networking can all occur (very well, for that matter), within a comfortable & stylishly designed area. In fact - a well designed space brings out the best in people - including those you may want to do business with.

  3. Keeping your staff happy is vital in your overall success.
    So your sales team & staff will probably appreciate it - too.

a quote from Nathan Brown & Samuel Ketner,
Industry-Leading Consultants in the
Auto Industry ——

“It’s easy to ask why would we always include vibrant lounge areas to relax, work and converse in a car dealership. But after one takes a closer look… you’ll see that one MAJOR reason to creating a comfortable, stylish space where customers can sit, chat and relax is sales.

Being surrounded by the rich colors and enchanting designs of a controlled-design environment is a whole lot better than having them go home.. and think about it there.”

Cadillac House, New York, New York

Design Concept #4 -
”Mind-Bending Scale”

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona   Luxury Hotel

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona
Luxury Hotel

Most people are afraid to take the back’s of their furniture off against their walls… so it’s understandable why most may never even think to not only play with the arrangement of the furniture, but the scale - as well! This hotel lobby takes’s the cake when it comes to an assortment of perplexing sizes & shapes.

Multi-dimensional, geometric laser-cut designs weave in-between oversized flora that feels like it’s both growing and effortlessly falling from the sunlight drenched ceilings.

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

Hopefully these ideas give you a great head start to designing your commercial space!

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