Welcome, Andy & Erica

Rooms Consulted On:

  1. Living Room

Wall Colors & Paint Presentation

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Contractor Services Needed

  • Painting:  Possibly wanted to paint an accent wall, but not at the moment.  Also, I have suggested to possibly paint the shutters (see below in category 'window treatments'.
  • Material behind wall in negative space: Client was interested in the idea of a material behind the media center.  Possibly stone.
  • Media Center: Client was interested in receiving drawings and quotes for a possible media center.
  • Electrician: To install pendant light.

Purchase List

andy & erica,

Hi you guys!  Welcome to your e-List.  I am very sorry it's late, some of my notes got lost in translation to my assistant, as well as the holidays and travel bit into some time, so again I apologize.  As part of my sincerest apologies, I have listed something below as part of your guided assistance that I usually don't include in standard e-Lists.  Typically, an e-List is simply the verbal text explanation and guidance of suggested items, not photos or links, which are usually reserved for Full Service clients.  However, to help your design process I have included a ton of descriptive, colorful photos and explanations to further help you with your decoration search & execution.  :)

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Designer has selected an end table to match your off-white accent pillows (see #4).

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As I stated above, in efforts of good-faith, I have attached galleries to better explain my normally all-verbal e-List.  You can click any gallery to expand the selected photographs.


Remove or replace:  Paper lamp, Sofa, Side Chair, end tables, accent chair

Add: Coffee table, pendant light, media center, more lighting


1 - Seating

Client expressed possibly wanting to change the sofa.  Instead of getting rid of that side chair (as discussed during our meeting) which would mean having to move everything over, (making the TV viewing area of the sofa not in direct contact with the media center, which Andy expressed displeasure over)  I have come up with the following suggestion.


  • (A) Couch:  A new, neutral toned sofa, deep seated, preferably a spill-proof material such as microfiber with a right side chaise.  Tan in color.  An extended, right side chaise takes the place of seating on the east side of the living room.


  • (B) Accent Chairs: In the area where the love-seat current sits (but I believe you mentioned that you had wanted to get rid of) I would include two accent chairs with one singular side table in the middle (see #3-B).  

    The style of chair I have chosen is a style that came up frequently in your selections.  Typically dubbed "The Seatbelt Chair" (but has been intimidated many times), this chair is in-line with your Contemporary style tastes and is satisfactory to both of your somewhat disagreeing analysis selections.   I would select a dark brown woven base option with off-white cushions to tie in with your new sofa's accent pillow selections (see #5).

Designer Note:  I could not find any exact examples of this chair online.  I know it's nicknamed the Seatbelt Chair, but there must be another term for the specific chairs you two selected during the analysis.  I have e-mailed the photos you selected to two different product specialists in two separate high-end furniture stores who may know the name and could give me a few links for you guys.  For now, I have included the photos from our analysis.

2 - Window Treatments

I know you were not planning on changing the shutters, but I think that visually.. they are subconsciously irritating your overall vision.  It sticks out and is impeding on what I believe to be your attempted/desired look.  Its such a large, bold feature, and is just a few feet away from a focal point frame that is wenge, that it's creating a negative and clashing contrast.  I have come up with the following suggestions:

  • Suggestion One:  Keep the color of the shutters the way they currently are, and add a high curtain rod in a color that matches your wenge frame, with light hued curtains.  The new lighter curtains accompanied by the dark rod will marry everything together in harmony.  
    -------- (See 1st photo gallery below.)
  • Suggestion Two:  Paint the wood shutters a matching wenge color.
    -------- See 2st photo below.  (Example of dark shutters in a light room) 


Suggestion one: "Curtains over the current shutters"

Suggestion Two: Paint the shutters to match the wenge frame


3 - End Tables

Move or purge the current wood end table and replace it with two matching end tables, one on each side of the sofa.  (A)
In between the two new accent chairs, I would choose a modern wood stump style end table.

  • (A) Sofa side tables (Quantity: 2, see right):
    I would choose a muted style, possible a miniature version of the rounded glass option similar to the "Ghost Coffee Table" we had discussed and you both mentioned you had liked.  This table is a popular and fabulous option for so many reasons.  It's clean, modern, trending, and perfect for small spaces.  It's also as child-proof as you can be while being of a glass material.  Below is an example of the side tables I would choose.  This would be a good option because they will not take away from or clutter the design, and will flow seamlessly with the other glass counterparts in the room such as the glass wall and the glass cased focal point photo above couch.  These would be placed on each side of your couch, holding your two new matching lamp selections. (See #4-A)
  • (B) The one that goes in the middle of your accent chair (1): I would choose a wood stump end table with a light wash to match the reclaimed wood on the coffee table we selected.  (See #6)  It could be without glass, or with.  Both are trending contemporary designs that match your preferences.

Below are various examples of wood stump end tables


4 - Lighting

Client wants to get rid of the current paper lamp.  Clients also expressed a great need for more lighting.  I would move or purge the paper lamp, and I would like to take the lamp you currently have on the end-table, and since it's a nice lamp that falls within your style; possibly move it somewhere else (not get rid of) and follow the following lighting suggestions.

  • (A) Two new matching, one on each new sofa side table
    • Would look for options similar to the one singular table lamp you currently have.  I would look for brushed nickel base, or clear/crystal base (which is very in right now).  I would accent it with an off-white, over-sized drum shade.
  • (B) Pendant (Ceiling)
    The very definition of Contemporary Interior Design is neutral, layered color palettes on the furniture, art that is holding the only usages of color and statements made within out-of-the-box lighting fixtures.  Since I would absolutely classify your style as contemporary,  I have selected exactly that for a pendant feature option.  See below for my selection, which is a wood branch style, which would compliment the accent chair's side table. (See #3-B)


5 - Accent Pillows

I would select two over-sized, plush accent pillows for your new darker tan sofa.  I would select a light color, to layer the neutral colors.  Since you frequently selected blue as a color you liked in accents, I may consider placing a smaller accent pillow among the over-sized ones in a subtle, navy or other dark blue color.


6 - Coffee Table

I selected a coffee table that repeated itself multiple times in your analysis results.  Below are examples of this table's STYLE.  

For your specific design:   I would choose an option with a light, reclaimed wood top and a silver finished trim to compliment the lamps.

Click the photo to expand the gallery 


7 - Rug

Both of you anonymously agreed on rugs.  You both disliked shag, and both liked flat rugs with geometric shapes or repeating patterns.  Some of the selections you chose had hints of shimmer or metallic within them, in a gold or tan hue.  Since rug selections are infinite, I would follow my guidance as listed above with the following rule of thumb while shopping:

As stated earlier, Contemporary Design is the layered neutral colors.  That being said, if your sofa is tan  (#1-A) , and your accent pillows are light  (#5) ,  and the finished base of your coffee table (#6) is darker, than your rug must be of a lighter shade to complete your achieved magazine-quality look.


Photos from your analysis you liked features from: