Congratulations on taking
the first step to a new space.

Our in-home initial consultation appointment is the required first step for all new & prospective projects.

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no obligation!
full refund policy if cancelled within 24-hours of your appointment.

receive your money back!
your fee acts as a deposit that we deduct off any future service.

what’s included with your appointment with AId miami?

  1. Let us tour your space and consult on your concerns

    • show us around your space and let us offer insight & solutions, on the spot!

  2. Answer ALL your Design/Project Questions

    • Gain answers on everything from budgets & future costs to project timelines and design styles.

    • let us give you our professional opinions on everything from how much time and money it will take to complete.

  3. Understand your exact interior design style & preferences

    • Let us guide you through our custom-created, photo-analysis test which will pin-point your exact design style along everything else you want to know - from your favorite metal finishes & lighting temperatures to your ideal furniture shapes. We include your personalized details in your results for you to use as a roadmap incase you take the project on yourself in the future.

      (see below - “detailed report”.)

  4. Valuable Results - Even if you decide to take the project on yourself!

    • Your custom, detailed report will be delivered via a personalized password-protected webpage link following our meeting.

    • This report includes vital details such as before photos, area measurements, your recorded design style results and other notations about your desired style & elements (so you don’t forget!) as well as a complete project plan breakdown including things such as an organized list of your future purchases, discussed plans, ideal paint colors, our professional suggestions & more.

  5. This valuable meeting provides the necessary groundwork for ANY project.

    • Our in-home initial consultation appointments add value to any project whether you move forward with us or use this meeting as an educational and resourceful spring-board for you to take it on yourself.

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