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Before now, there were two options when it came to interior design.  Pony up a small fortune, or dive into the DIY-world of interior design pinterest pages and photo blogs.  There was no happy medium.

For something to be beautiful and luxurious, it doesn't need to be necessarily always need to be wildly expensive or intimidating.   Sure, are there aspects of the construction process that are expensive?  Yes, but not all options are the same price point, and with most firms - you will never see the lower end of that ladder.  I aim to bring you all of the options available on the market, and allow you to make your own choices, or even buy everything yourself using our consultation package!

We offer everything from guided consultation that is accessible without our in-home presence, to consultationPLUS that shows you exactly what to purchase - to full service interior design complete with an extensive collection of the most talented contractors and vendors in South Florida.

No project is too big or too small, and we welcome you to call us today for your free consultation.


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