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“How would you describe the ‘Design plan’ service?

Our “Design Plan” service is the happy-medium between completing the design process yourself (confusing & frustrating) or hiring a major interior design firm (expensive & incurring a long wait for results)

We give you ALL the design answers you’re looking for,
along with a “STEP BY STEP GUIDE” showing you how to get started.

Our valuable “Design Plan” is your custom & unique road map to design clarity & flawless results.


When someone is about to embark on an interior design journey..
they have 3 main ways to take on their project:


1) Do it yourself from start to finish, and waste potential time & money.


There are two parts to a design project: FIRST: Creating the Design Plan
SECOND: Executing the Design Plan

For those who choose to do it themselves, most will find the hardest & most time consuming part is creating the design & framework of the space.

Which leads us to your solution…..

2) Let us create the plan for you,
and simply follow our direction
for a perfect space.


Our design plan takes the first and hardest part (creating the design plan) off the table! All you have to do now is the easy part: Simply follow our plan step-by-step to achieve your perfect results.

  1. interior design vision board

  2. your Interior Design style Genre

  3. list of What you need & where to buy

  4. What colors to paint, what finishes to use

  5. tip’s & trick’s guide book to get you started
    + More!!

3) Hire an design firm, knowing the risks (high costs, months for a result you may not like, etc).


For those who are in no rush for their results (most firms turn around a completed design within 2-4 months) and freedom in their budget to hire one (on average, expect a firm to charge a minimum of $3000 per room/area), then a traditional design service may be right for you.


Your custom design plan comes with:


We use a series of custom-created photo analysis tests to decipher your exact style genre and preferences. Using the process of elimination, our tests will generate your answers so you can clearly see the direction that works best for you.

floor plan

shopping list

You can’t decorate a space without knowing it’s measurements. We document them for you and provide you with the results. We even show you how to easily upload them to a decorating space-planning app to use them to plan your room accurately.

We detail every single thing you tell us you need/our professional recommendations and organize them into an easy to understand check list. We even include the suggested colors, sizes and keywords to use when you are online shopping.


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