+ Design Now

Design Now is a faster way of starting your interior design project.  Exclusively brought to you by Affordable Interior Design Miami & Realtor Group XYZ, this jump-start allows us to find out what you like, and what you need, so we can have an idea for your plans before we even meet. 

Design Now is intended for projects who need our "Turn-Key" package (full service interior decoration in Miami).  If you are looking for just interior design tips or guidance, please visit our on-site consultation package.

+ Get Started

  1. Get out a pen and paper.

  2. If you do not have a pen and paper, use the textbox provided.

  3. Start the slideshow and write down the photos that appeal to you. Please not not all photos may be of things you need, that's okay. Just write down any numbers that you like.  This helps us understand your style.

  4. Once you have your selections, copy them to your clipboard.  

  5. Click "Start Questions"

  6. Paste your selections into the first box titled "Number Selections"

  7. Answer the remaining questions.

  8. Have fun!  Interior Design is an expression of YOU!  We can't wait to help you!