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pinpoint your style

Similar to an online personality quiz, this informative test created by our designers will pinpoint your exact ideal interior design genre.   Take the quiz when your schedule permits via URL link.


 insider tips

Learn the top decorating mistakes to avoid, what months to find certain sales, step-by-step details on how to measure your space (w/ printable graph paper) and more!


simplify your search

One could search endlessly (honestly..) for the perfect blend of colors.  We make this easy for you by including a 4-tier color scheme that works seamlessly.. anywhere within your design.



A montage that represents our suggested plans. Includes furniture, colors, decor, etc.  Helps to visually explain our ideas.  You may edit this once to fine-tune your final design.


on-call assistance

Forget endless e-mail threads.  You will have your own login account and be able to chat direct with our team.  You can even click within your designs to specify notations and localize your questions.


project plans

You'll not only become inspired, but have full understanding on how to create it.  Delivered in 2 weeks or less in a colorful, detailed magazine-style presentation.


project roadmap

We add place holders over-top your floor plan and index their descriptions so you have a clear understanding on what-is-what, and where it goes.

see below


see more possibility

Get additional chances to nail it all down with an extra set of designs and edits!  Premium level includes (2) different concept board design options, and (2) opportunities to edit each one!  


perfect pairings

We include (2) sets of complimentary paint color combinations.  Each base/accent color duo comes alongside their brand/color titles.  The accent shade can also be used anywhere within the design!

See below


buy your design

Without this feature, your plan is simply a useful guide to assist you during your own purchase research.  Why risk it?  All items suggested are within your style preferences, measurement specifications + budget!  Get it all, fast!

See example below

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computer renderings

We offer the most affordable + highest quality options of interior design renderings.  Choose from basic renderings that get the "idea across" and fit within any budget, to our high-def standard quality that includes multiple viewpoints, angles and shows both times of day and interior light sources,
or immerse yourself in state-of-the-art 4D imagery paired with NEW panoramic virtual reality!

Our varying levels of computer renderings assist you with visualizing your space, in a way that suits your needs, project specifications and your budget.


basic (2d)

Get the "idea" with our basic renderings.  Sample your room with these medium-resolution renders.

These renderings are meant for those who already have a sense of visualizing but just need a little extra.

If you have a hard time visualizing, these may not be beneficial to you, as they are more cartoon-like as opposed to photograph-like.  

However, if you simply need something more detailed than a concept board for an affordable price -- this is the option for you!

Also a helpful and affordable addition paired alongside to our "Itemized Space Plan". 

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Standard (3d)

Preview more angles with our high-quality resolution 3D Renderings. 

This is the best and most affordable option for both getting an excellent idea of the final result, understanding exactly how to decorate and where to place your purchases.

As well, for those completing renovations, to provide to a contractor or designer so they clearly understand your goals and complete the work accurately.

Shows texture, shadows, and high quality detailing.  (Times of day and interior light sources not shown.)

Experience your future space in a beautiful and cost effective way!


premium (4d)

There is no higher quality rendering capability available!  Experience an extremely realistic preview of your space! Immerse yourself in your future space with 4D images + panoramic scenes as well as VR capability!  You don't need a VR set to experience it! 

We provide our panoramic 360 imagery online, and our VR experience is as easy as simply holding your phone up against your space with our renderings on your screen, turning in a circle, and watch as your room transforms, virtually, through your phone, in front of your eyes!!! 

We are currently the only design team in Florida that offers this service, at this price.

experience the above
example room created by aid miami in amazing
4D panoramic capability
by clicking below!

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