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Rooms Consulted On:

  1. Entry

  2. Bedroom

Wall Colors & Paint Presentation

Room to paint within: 

  • Dining Room

  • Kitchen

  • Patio 

Selected Colors:

  • Dining Room: White Paint on Banister Rods

  • Kitchen: On the box that holds wires on your kitchen track lighting

  • Patio:  Change the cream colored tops of the columns

3-D Rendering (Basic)

To be Added

Plans & Purchases

Kitchen Dining Room: 

  • Move the brown couch into the dining room.  
  • Place the matching loveseat in the corner with it's back to the sliding door.  
  • Next to the stairwell, add a console table with suitable accessories.
  • Suitable accessories include: 
    • Silver Orbs
    • Agave Plant or Kelly Grass in square vases, small
    • Light (Salt rock lamp light, crystal based table lamp with dark shade, etc)
  • Paint both the brown banisters & the wire box on the kitchen track with white paint.  
  • Add the discussed window treatments. 
  • Look for a coffee table in a natural, light or cherry wood finish with wood that moves and looks like/is real wood. 
  • Add a coffee table book or two to the table.
  • Add a flat screen TV around 30-40"*, with a "TV SWIVEL ARM MOUNT"
  • Change lighting fixture to something that is more like your bedroom light fixtures.
  • Possibly change out the light switch plates as well.
  • Look for dark red or dark blue "Fixed Roman Shades"*.
  • Look for art with the keywords: Silver frame, white museum matte frames.  Abstract
  • Tripod Lamp to the left of Couch, closest to door/wall.  (New idea, see rendering.)
  • Look for seating in the form of ottomans* or loveseats* near the bay window.
  • Search for barstools with the following keywords: "Upholstered, High back barstool or counter chairs with arm rests

Living Room Plans: 

  • Look into sectional sofas with a "Right side Chaise"
  • Search for matching accent chairs.
  • Keep either the two end tables OR the coffee table, but avoid keeping an all matching set.
  • Consider purchasing a floating TV console, and mounting your TV.
  • Near the window, look for "drum" ottomans or square upholstered ottomans in a nice pattern. (2)
  • In the left corner near window, search for a space holder, such as a potted palm.

Formal Dining Room: 

  • Consider lifting chandelier.
  • Move existing dining room furniture. 


  • Seeing that the dining room table has brown chairs, and there is brown in your end-tables/coffee tables, brown is a suitable accent color.  When looking for colors, try to stay within this palette for best results.  (I'm guessing your couch will be an off-white, so I'm just showing you colors that look good with it.  You obviously don't have to use these exact colors, but dark grays, royal blues, hunter greens, light gray, dusty matte purple, cream, bone, slate gray-blue, lilac, yellow-green, white, caramel, espresso, dark teal, etc are all colors to consider when shopping for the living room decor.