Welcome, Client

Address Here
Miami, FL 33133

Rooms Consulted On:

  1. Dining Room

  2. Living Room

  3. Entry Way

  4. Guest Bedroom

  5. Master Bedroom

Houzz Ideabook


Please see your e-list link below.

Wall Colors & Paint Presentation

Room to paint within: 

  • Bedroom

Selected Colors Swatches:

Contractor Services Needed

  • Column in the Main Room: Limestone, Tile or Stone Overlays  (Will gather samples of all 3.)
  • Office & Guest Bedroom:  Custom sized doors and custom closets.
  • Wallpaper: May apply wallpaper to an accent wall.  Location undecided as of 8/26

Purchase List


When you finally decide to start shopping, you can use this as your checklist.  

Living Room

  • Server tray
  • Ottoman
  • Accent pillows, 3 regular size, 1 over-sided for "middle"
  • End table
  • Floor lamp 
  • Coasters

Dining Room

  • Table-top accessories
  • Thin console table (no more than 8-10" in depth)

Entry Way

  • Floor Mirror
  • Console Table
  • Glass bowls to place keys in
  • One, large focal point art piece
  • Runner

Master Bedroom

  • Rug for underneath bed
  • Sunburst mirror
  • Thin console table
  • End tables
  • Bedding (High thread count, white)

Guest Room

  • Closets and doors (2)


  • Bar Stools
  • Coffee Machine
  • Wine Fridge
  • Mounted wine racks under cabinet for glasses & bottles
  • Toaster


  • Closet & Doors (One for closet, one for A/C unit)

Preferred Style & Design Likes/Dislikes


  • Likes:  Abstract art on either floating acrylic mounts or canvases.  Museum matte frames in photographic series.   Art must have a lot of color.  Also likes art lighting and frames with clean lines. Also likes artwork that comes in a multitude of different pieces that can be places together to create a shape, and wire wall art.  Also likes artist that makes things from olives (need more details on this).* Client also kept picking out art featuring lively & dramatic red and blue imagery. 
  • Dislikes: Realism, frames with too much detail, white inside the art work.


  • Likes: Client leans heavily towards warm colors, and heavily favors 'red'.  Red, dark red, yellow, clay and burnt orange shades, dark navy blue, (some) dark green, black, white (in furniture only), grey.
  • Dislikes: Neon, purple


  • Likes: Tall, thin and more modern looking bushels of grass-type plants in potters.  White silk flowers, round clear pots.
  • Dislikes: Bushy, round, traditional looking plants.


  • Likes: Abstract and solids
  • Dislikes: Stripes


  • Likes: Live-edge wood, low lying silvery shag rugs, flat rugs, 3D Wallpaper (wavy, circular, etc), blocked limestone wall overlays, stone wall overlays, flat wallpaper, 


  • Likes: Horn table top art, glass spheres, metal spheres, coffee table books, silk plants, glass vases (both small and large floor model sizes), thin silvery style shag rugs, floating shelving.
  • Dislikes: Coral, shell, busy patterns, ceramic planters, long yarn-type shag, 


  • Likes: Drop-down ball sphere shaped lights, glass (ceilings).  Liked table lamps with crystal bases of either clear or dark tinted color.   Expressed interest in dimensional looking tall floor lamp bases and also wanted to possibly look into wall sconces for either candles or lighting.
  • Dislikes: Bow lamps, arch lamps, any lamp which has arms that bend into a room

Other Notes:

Not doing outdoor space yet, but wanted to look into exterior lighting.   Also liked canopies with sunbeds when looking at outdoor furniture.  Needs basic bathroom accessories (floor mat - master bathroom).  When it comes to art, he really likes the color to be bold, and stand-alone (not matching anything else).