What is the difference between Consultation & Turn-Key?

Consultation is HELP & GUIDANCE.

Consultation can be applied either in person or through virtual means such as webcam, email and phone meetings.  Consultation is divided into three parts:

  1. Color Presentation
    We show you real Sherwin-William colors on your walls, and we test colors that are complimentary to the colors you have now or would like to use.
  2. 3D Renderings
    We re-create your current space, and show you what your floors would look like with different flooring, or how your couch would look on the other side of the room.
  3. Discovering New Ideas
    We look at various photos on websites such as Houzz.com, and help pin-point your style and view what is popular in the world of interior design at the current moment.  We create an "Ideabook" on Houzz.com and bookmark the link for your "e-List" (see below).
  4. e-List
    We save all your results to a webpage on our server called an e-List.  This stays online for one year, is password protected, and you can come back to it anytime to use it as your personal roadmap for your project.  


Turn-Key is when we come up with unique ideas and space planning proposals through 3D Computer Renderings and once we agree on one you like, we execute that idea.

  1. Rendering
    We proposal a brand new idea through a computer program so you can better visualize the idea we have for your space.
  2. Execution
    Once you agree to a rendering, we find all the components within the idea to help bring it to life.  (Example:  If you wanted wood floors, we introduce to flooring companies, if you wanted a certain piece of furniture, we find it for you as well, etc)
  3. Purchasing
    We send you invoices or bill you for the items we found and agreed upon.
  4. Decoration
    We then schedule dates for all items to be delivered and/or contract work to be completed.

Can I complete Turn-Key without Consultation?

Yes.  We can still give you unique ideas through what you tell us you want (or show us) without doing Consultation, although Consultation really helps, and most Turn-Key clients do Consultation first.

If you do renderings in Consultation, can we come up with a new idea during that time?

The renderings that we do during consultation are very basic and only represent the space  you CURRENTLY have, with new finishings, arrangements and textures.  It's meant to show you what your space could be, but not a brand new unique idea such as the one we would give you during Turn-Key services.