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Affordable Interior Design Miami's full service design experiences span from everything to project management, home renovations, computer renderings, personal shopping & decoration, and overall project scope planning and execution.  We work with over 145 local vendors from custom furniture fabricators, contractors, kitchen & bath professionals, flooring installers, painters, window treatment vendors, artists, and everyone in-between.  

You have access to our entire professional network to ensure anything you wish to create is in the hands of those who know it best.

We also offer professional project management and general contracting services to take any pressure you have off the table.  We plan and schedule your project from start to finish, leaving you only to approve plans & bids, and to sit back and watch it come to life.



Sara Tayte is extremely professional, highly creative and she truly listens to the needs and wants of her clients, especially in her field of Interior Design. Sara specializes in redesigning interior spaces for bachelor pads (condominiums or homes). A particular area where her passion and commitment shines through. I highly recommend you contact Sara the next time you have thoughts turning your “normal pad”, into a space worthy of an article in interior design magazine.
— (houzz review) - dylan, miami realtor

how is full service priced?

Since we do not bill total projects by the ongoing hours, which we feel that is unfair to the client, we quote each project by the estimated hourly time it would take for our work (the design time) to be finished.  We do not calculate the time for third-party vendors to finish, nor do we charge extra if your time lapses over.

Our 'hourly rate' is $125/hour.   However, clients are billed via the estimated time given the plans discussed at the beginning of your project (quote).  Clients are billed in full.  If a client's project time runs over the estimated value for the agreed upon tasks set in the beginning of the project, a client will not be additionally billed. If new plans are formulated mid-project, client's may endure a charge for this new set of future tasks.

All fees are due upfront before a project starts.  If you are unsure how much your quote will be, use the guide below to give yourself a rough estimate.  

  • Small Projects:  Ones with few rooms needed to design, low amounts of purchases, no renovation/painting, etc usually end up being an estimated 15+ hours of work.
  • Medium Projects: Ones with regular amounts of purchases plus light contractor work (painters, electricians, window treatments) end up being 25+ hours of work.
  • Large Projects: Ones with regular-large amounts of purchases plus renovation level work ends up being 30+ hours of work.

the full service formula

Regardless of what your own project entails, all projects have the same formula.

  1. Design Test - We conclude a test via a phone call through a guided webpage which shows you photos we have selected and gather your likes/dislikes to better understand your style.
  2. We create a design board, which is a 2D graphic that includes colors and photos to emulate and visually articulate/confirm the results of your test.
  3. We then create an "Index", which is a bullet point list of all purchases and plans.
  4. We then collect bids, if needed.  If you need to have anything done besides purchasing (painting, etc), we will gather bids for you from companies for you to approve.
  5. Computer Drafting  Meanwhile, we create a 3D Computer Rendering (we also sell this as a stand-alone service) of the finished result.
  6. Shopping & Ordering.  We find the objects that match the renderings you approved, and present them to you.
  7. Final Steps - We then purchase, order & decorate!


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