What is an e-List?

An e-List is a webpage that is saved on our domain server for up to one year, and contains all the details and guidance you may need to take on the project yourself.

How much does an e-List cost?

  1. e-Lists come standard with FOUR sections, and that price is $250/room consulted on.
  2. There are three available upgrade sections.  You can view their details and pricing on the menu following the standard e-List below.
  3. If you live outside of the Miami Beach (No further than 41st street and Collins Ave) area, there is a sliding scale travel fee ranging from $49-$99.

What is the process?

We either visit you in your home, or through means of communication such as Skype, e-Mail and Phone and we ask questions about how you use your space, get to know both you and your home's activities and complete a photo analysis. (See Section 4 of the e-List below) to fully understand your needs.

Where is your travel network

Anything based within 5 miles of the 33139 area code is free of travel charge fees.  If you are 6-8 miles outside of Miami Beach, it's a $49 travel fee, and 10 to 15 miles outside is $99.   Anything past 15 miles is typically handled virtually and through the phone.  Clients who elect to do virtual consultation do not miss out on anything, and also enjoy $0 travel fees.  This helps clients who travel, may not have access to the home yet, or live far from Miami.

How do I access it?

Seven business days after our in-home (or virtual) consultation, you get a webpage link sent to your e-mail containing your plans.  
The link will look something like this:


What is on an e-List?

Every e-List comes standard with 4 sections, and 3 upgrade sections.   A exact copy of a standard e-List can be seen below, and a full menu with available options is listed at the bottom of this page.

Why should I choose an e-List for my project?

We are currently the only known interior design firm in Miami that offers this service.  It is a fast and affordable alternative to pricey or complex full-scale interior design services, and helps give you the tools and guidance to take on the project yourself.



Client lives alone and likes to entertain guests frequently.  She works from home.  Client considers her style to be Modern, but likes bright colors.


555 Example lane

Miami, Florida 33194.

Rooms Consulted On:

  1. Bedroom

  2. living room


  • Window Treatment: Designer chose shutters in a matching color/tone as the wood.
  • Flooring:  Dark flooring.
  • Wall and Paint: Chose both regular pearl finish paint as well as decorative paint technique.
  • Lighting: Pendant lighting as well as cove and recessed lighting (See Renderings)


Room #1 bedroom

Window Treatments

  • I chose (renderings) a thick, wooden roman shades, three panels. 

Seating Area (See Renderings for Positioning)

  • Long, live-edge wood table
  • 6, Brown Leather High back Dining Chairs

Flooring & Paint

  • Dark wood floors
    • Cherry
    • Walnut

Room #2 Living Room


  • Couch
    • Gray, leather sectional
    • 2 Accent Chairs, Wingback
  • Coffee Table
    • Rectangular
    • Smoked Glass
    • Room for books and magazines


  • Likes:  Museum Matte Frames with 4" white mattes that featured black and white photography from the same series, 
  • Dislikes: Color realism photography, frames with too much detail.


  • Likes: Gray, contrasts between dark grey and light grey, dark warm brown floors with lighter cream colored beige furniture 
  • Dislikes: Neon, bright colors, 


  • Likes: Live edge wood desks and table tops (coffee table, accent table), wing back accent chairs that were light in color and had dark legs with a colorful pillow, Smoked glass on top of dark black lacquer coffee tables, 
  • Dislikes: Bushy, round, traditional looking plants.

Textures, Tiles and Flooring

  • Likes: Wood planks, wood boarding wallpaper, mosaic tiles, client really liked all dark flooring in general that she saw, Light Herringbone Wood on an accent wall, cherry red tinted wood floors with lots of dimension, smooth black floors with no dimension, cream sheer drapes (10%), 
  • Dislikes: Tile and carpet, shag and all long yarn-type shag/heavy rug materials


  • Likes: Floating shelving, shutters, Japanese beach pebbles, clay pots for plants, short palm plants with large leafs, small table top horn accents, woven baskets with closed tops, tall stick light plants (Kelly Grass), etched glass dark toned vase, roman shades (modern), tall floral plants
  • Dislikes: Coral, shell, busy patterns. 


  • Likes:  Recessed lighting in the ceiling, dramatic drop light pendants, ceiling lighting (the type you liked was called cove lighting)
  • Dislikes: Harsh white light, florescent lighting

Other Notes:

Client really likes contrasting colors between shades of gray and browns and creams, leans towards minimalist modern and contemporaneity but also liked patterns and textures from Mediterranean styles. 

Standard e-List: $250/room

Results within 7 business days.

  • Client Portfolio
  • Contractor Work/Type we believe you need (Flooring, Window Treatments, etc)
  • Itemized Purchase List
  • Style Analysis Results


1.) Color Presentation ($39/room)

Results along with your e-List's regular delivery time.

For clients who want to preview paint on their walls or need help coming up with a color scheme.  We preview real Sherwin-Williams colors on your walls and save the paint names for you.  We can also help you choose color schemes and save the palettes for you.


Color Scheme Example

Paint Color Swatch Example

Both are included, depending on what you need.  
Up to 2 color schemes, 5 colors.
Up to 15 Paint colors, including previewing how they look on your walls (see below) and the actual swatch.


2.)Tile Generator ($19/room)

Results along with your e-List's regular delivery time.

For clients who are redoing a shower or need backsplash tile but need help choosing it, our computers are capable of generating infinite amounts of tile formations that vary in shapes/colors.   We show you the swatch we generated alongside the proper mathematics of the formation.


3.) Computer Generated Renderings
$199/room, 15 Photos in High Resolution 
$49 per Edit

Some clients request a 2D rendering to help give them an idea on where to place furniture and decor.  This upgrade is available for $199 per room and includes up to 15 views, including aerial and 1st Person.  You can add a second edit to the concept design of a room for $49.

If we listed contractor services in your designated section (see below),
we can send trusted professionals in that FIELD (flooring, paint, etc)
to your home for free estimates.

(See Below)

If you end up using a service from a contractor we sent,
we attach a 10% service fee on your final invoice.

We extend this service for up to 90 days after your e-List is provided.

After 90 days, clients must participate in our Full Service interior design services to receive in-home contractor estimates .  
Unlimited contractor home visits with no fees are extended to our Full Service interior design clients.


To schedule an appointment for Consultation services, 
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