"Just Invoice Me!" Package
$189/room + $100/Invoice

This package is for those who want us to still help find them contractors and schedule projects and installations, but who want to pay on their own terms and don’t mind having a hands-off approach.

The "Just Invoice Me!" package is for client's who want to purchase furniture or have traits installed (flooring, window treatments, etc) and would like us to find the local company for you and send you the invoice, but we are not as involved as in our full service package. ----


The "Just Invoice Me!" package is the perfect balance between consultation and space planning.  In Space Planning, we have your budget in an account and we handle the shopping for you.  In "Just Invoice Me!", we still choose the particular things you want and need and find the local contractor that fits the bill, but instead of us paying with your budget, we send you the bill, and you handle it on your own.

This package differs from Space Planning, as it does not include in-person decoration or meetings.  It can be handled completely through e-mail and phone.

You simply tell us what you want, and we find who can do it for you.


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  • $100/Invoice


  1. Local business and market research to find who has the right products and services for whatever you are looking for.
  2. Negotiation on our end to get you the best prices.
  3. Scheduling the delivery or installation of your new items/traits.
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Special Benefits of the "Just Invoice Me!" Package:

  • You can have the benefits of this package and you do not have to be local to South Florida.  It's applications can be applied world wide.
  • You can pay everything on your own terms, and in however large or small increments of money you'd like, because there is no budget or open account.
  • You eliminate the $3/sq foot base fee, which is our fee for in-person visits and decoration.

Is our "Just Invoice Me!" Package not what you're looking for?