Space Planning

$175/room + $3/sq ft

Our Space Planning package is also known as our Full Service package. We handle everything from research, phone calls, finding the right contractors, vendors and stores for you. We take care of white glove delivery, installations, decoration and after clean up services.

Let us explain...

Space Planning is our VIP service.  This package does all the actual purchasing, ordering, installation, clean-up and placement/decoration of your objects, fabrics and textiles.

Space Planning is commonly purchased alongside of Consultation.  After you tell us what you want, or after we design it for you with our Consultation services, we handle all of the shopping, installation and decorating for you. Space Planning is for those who desire simply to sit back and relax while we handle your project entirely.

Special Benefits of the "Space Planning" Package:

  • You can have the benefits of this package and you do not have to be local to South Florida.  It's applications can be applied world wide, minus the decoration.  However by using Consultation's 3D Renderings, you will know where to put everything.
  • Space Planning is our full service service, and it's easy to think of it as our SPA package.  We handle everything for you, so all that's left for you to do is relax in your beautiful new home.

Is our "Space Planning" Package not what you're looking for?


  • $3/sq ft


  1. Local business research to find you the best stores an service providers for your project's needs.
  2. Scheduling all deliveries and installations for you.
  3. Clean-up included.
  4. Decoration & Staging

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