Your image - on the wall

Making your vision or allowing our interior designers to easily translate their vision has never been easier.  Custom designing wall murals is a fairly new technology, where you can simply take a photo, or think of an idea and have our designers create the photo, and have a full wall-to-wall mural displayed reflecting your vision in high resolution.


Transform your home, bedroom,
photography set or office like never before!

Customization of wall murals are not only a breeze to create and completely tailored to you, but easily removable.  Allow our trusted team to help you design and install your dream wall mural in miami today!


Ways to use wall murals

  1. Children's bedroom interior design can greatly benefit from wall murals.  Their names, certain colors and dreamy backdrops can be applied and easily removed once the child progresses through infancy.
  2. Office space interior design can create stunning and show-stopping entrances, hallways and walls inside their spaces that proclaim who they are make powerful statements.
  3. TV, Film sets in Miami and other Photography Sets in Miami can easily place an infinite amount of realistic backdrops on sheets of drywall and easily exchange the backdrops as needed for photo-shoots.  
  4. Any type of photography studio in miami could greatly benefit from these interchangeable and custom murals as an addition to their studio.


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