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This is designed to give me a head start on creating an inviting home for you and your family.  All information is confidential.  Please don't be concerned if you are unfamiliar with terms used or unable to give an answer to any question.  This is intended as a guideline only, all questions are optional.

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Only if you have it, just incase we can't reach you!
If you were referred to us by a friend or former client, please let us know so we can thank them!

Ex: If your designing a kids room and it's a shared space, allergies to materials, etc
Select the scenario that fits your home best

Do you entertain? *
If so, how often?
How many guests usually come over?
What is the most amount of guests who would be at your home at one time? *
Think: Holidays.
Does your household use a dining room table on a regular basis?
Ex: Barbecues, gardening, displaying collections, watching movies/sports etc, listening to music, etc
Are you comfortable with considering wallpaper in specific rooms?
It is up to you to establish the priorities, investment, and timeline. I make every effort to work quickly, effectively, appropriately, and within a spending plan.
What interior design style(s) do you gravitate towards? (for your project, not in general)
Hint: What areas did you score well with on your Photo Analysis test? You can choose all the styles that you would enjoy in your own space.
What mood do you want to create?
Check all that apply.
Patterns + Fabrics
Check all that apply
If so, which ones?
What type of window treatments do you prefer?
What type of rugs do you prefer?
Check all that apply
What type of Art Work do you like?
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What type of Mediums do you prefer? (For art work)
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What type of frames do you prefer?
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How much do you plan to invest in your project?
Have you worked with a designer before?
What is more important to you, the budget or the result?
Have you done your homework?
In the Kick Off packet we sent you, we detailed that we need your interior design decoration photos.
If you already sent, please skip.

checklist of what we need to start

1.) Your questionnaire results

2.) All the requested information from your kick-off packet (photos/measurements/design inspiration photos)

Please email sara@affordable-interior-design.com when complete