Window Treatment Trends in Miami

So many to choose from!  (Seen here, 5% light solar panels)

What are people choosing when they design to outfit their windows?   What are the latest trends in window treatments?   There are dozens of options, shades, and textures that can make just about anybody dizzy.  Window treatment's features alone can vary from how much light they let in, to their color and texture, to even their alternative function (besides to cover a window).   Some can reduce energy bills, help with sound privacy as well as visual, be installed with automatic properties for a sexier appeal, boast custom prints and patterns or even feature natural materials such as flat wicker.

To properly choose your window treatments, it's best to go through a trusted interior designer in Miami as opposed to blindly calling a random company.

Window treatments can make or break an interior.  Some window treatments you see in homes can be a dead giveaway about it's last renovation, (or more so, how an upgrade is long-overdue).  Even if the home is modern and new, choosing the wrong window treatments will falsely portray your house as boring & out-of-style to those guests who are in-the-know.

See some current trends in Window Treatments in Miami below:

See below some past trends in window treatments, but now leave the home with the mark of being out-of-style and un-trendy:

Thick, busy curtains with elaborate tassels are serious sign of the past.   Heavy floor-to-ceiling drapes with colorful floral prints are also dead and gone.  Windows that are only outfitted towards the very top were popular in the early 90's, but now are a signal of a home owner's nonchalance towards the treatments.

See an example of Our Work below:

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