Q: Am I losing out on high-end design by going with your firm in anyway?
a: no, not in anyway.  Let us explain the "affordable" side of our firm.


Affordable Interior Design has been one of the leading interior design firms in Miami for over 4 years.  The "affordable" side of our business is a service we offer that no other firm currently offers in Miami.  

It's whats called an e-List.

 It's the  proposed plans as seen and envisioned by our designers after a quick in-home meeting.  It's laid out for the client in easy to understand terms and steps, and is given to them after only 7 business days in the form of a webpage.  It has a flat rate of $250.

NO other interior design firms give a client every single projected plan before having them as a full service interior design client.  And although we offer full service interior design, we wanted to give this as an option for the customers that may feel left behind while on their quest for interior decorators in Miami.