Full Service Interior Design offers complete project planning and measurement from start to finish.  Full service includes designer CORRESPONDENCE to contractors, painters, Design consultants, purchasing and decoration.

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of our full service interior design package


How It WOrks, IN ORDER!

Full Service Interior Design by AID is separated into two categories.  Phase One (Planning) & Phase Two (Implantation).

Phase One, (seen in the steps in the slideshow above with a blue label on the lower left corner)

  • The client will take our test, and notes will be gathered on their likes/dislikes.
  • The client will send us an ideabook on Houzz.com of rooms they favor, or select photos from online.
  • Notes are compared between all photos from test & their provided photos to identify oatterns and similarities.
  • Client's style is identified, and reviewed with them.  
  • Brainstorming begins, and ideas are thrown out and narrowed down.
  • Once a plan is agreed upon, a 3D Computer Rendering is created that reflects the agreed progression.
  • Once a 3D Computer Rendering of our interpretation of the goals for the final look, then Phase One is complete.

Phase Two,  (seen in the steps in the slideshow above with a green label on the lower left corner)

  • Designer will identify all external professionals, whether it be consultants, architects or contractors
    and collect bids (estimates) from them, for the client.
  • Designer & Client will review all bids and select the best ones for the project.
  • Designer will collect deposits or payments for these upcoming tasks, called: Hard Purchases 
  • Designer will start to locate all the pieces needed, and represented in the rendering in stores and online.
  • Designer will present all objects to purchase (Soft Purchases) in a PDF file presentation.
  • Client will approve either all objects, or select objects, and Designer will invoice them for the approved ones, and edit the others.
  • Designer will place orders for the Client, schedule deliveries and handle Decoration.

Initial Consult & Fee Information:

To start a project, clients must first schedule an in-home meeting, at the rate of $300.   
A proper quote for the a client's Phase One may then be given.

Project Fees vary on the amount of objects, sizes of rooms and level of outside professionals needed.

In-Home meeting payments are sent via an online invoice, payable with a credit card.  
Payment for the initial consultation is required before the meeting takes place.

Service fees (Phase One & Phase Two) are only payable via bank deposit, cash or check.

100% of your initial, in-home meeting is refunded off any future project fees!  :)

Friendly note:

AID - Interior Design Miami does not include overseeing the GENERAL CONTRACTOR that the project may need in our rates, and a client is encouraged to plan for either hiring our General Contractor, or be prepared to have one of their own, if/when that time comes.

What is a General Contractor?

A general contractor is the person who is on-site, monitoring all the work that is being done in the home.  
From flooring, to painting, to renovation.

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