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Interior Design on a Tight Budget: How to 'Redesign' Your Space


Similar to interior design, decoration and staging; redesign is a type of interior design method that uses predominately items you currently own.  By means of donation, purging unwanted items, spacial planning and using a small budget (refreshers) - a new, invigorating and cost-effective design is within anyone's reach.  

All it takes is patience, a thoughtful plan, some elbow-grease and a
small budget of any amount over $50.


Follow these easy to follow steps in order to execute your project with ease and gain a beautiful new result you never thought possible.




Unlike other methods of designing, whether you have the luxury of an interior designer or not, redesign takes more effort than simply selecting a sofa, a delivery time, and sitting back watching while it's being assembled by a delivery man.  

Although not difficult, redesign simply takes more creativity than simply selecting pretty new pieces.  One must do a series of steps before successfully tackling the project.


Whether that's through donating or selling old items (selling unwanted items is a great way to earn extra dough for your refresher budget..), throwing them away, moving pieces to another room for new usage, storing them away in your home or a mixture of them all - the area must be completely cleared of unwanted objects in order to allow for not just proper spacial arrangement, but as well as for the person (you) to see the future design plan easier.


You'd be amazed at what our design team finds in other rooms within our client's spaces during redesign projects.  Sometimes it's hard to envision, other times something is overlooked; but with a little bit of careful assessment, one would be shocked at the (free) treasures they have displayed in other rooms or stored in the back of a closet.

And if it's not as easy as grabbing it and placing it in the new room being designed, there are many options that are uber easy when it comes to repurposing furniture.  Spray paint being a magical part of that process.


If you followed the steps above, you should now be left with the items in the room you wanted to keep, and items you discovered in other areas of your own home.

Now, create a new, more functional furniture arrangement (spacial plan) and allocate new areas for your artwork, mirrors and decorations.  Relocate your art and mirrors against new wall areas, and switch up your lighting.  

Beyond relocating items that don't happen to need any TLC, here are some completely free ways to repurpose items that do:

  • Have a not-so-styish table lamp that you would rather not be seen?  
    Try placing (hiding) it behind something, like a sofa or bookcase, to create an impressive uplighting effect.   (Click here to read more about our advice on lighting).  
  • Have empty photo frames, but can't find any good photos?  
    Try tearing high-resolution photos from coffee table books, or your favorite pages from books. You can even print your favorite things and pop them easily in old picture frames to create a gallery wall.  
  • Have accent pillows, but dislike the fabric?
    Try your hand at DIY sewing by recovering it with a fabric you have lying around.  Hint:  Look at old pillow cases for prints or colors for free fabric.  If you're not wanting to try a sewing project, ask a friend if they know someone who has a sewing machine, or simply take the pillow & the fabric to a tailor/dry-cleaning service for surprisingly only a few dollars.  (Call before hand.)
  • Is an interior light fixture bothering you?
    Perhaps you have a ceiling mount light that you always keep turned off because you dislike the dimness/brightness or color tone?  A light bulb in the correct color & wattage is an easy fix.
  • Have nice art work, but hate the frame finish?  
    Try metal spray paint.  Take that boring black plastic frame to a sparkly chrome or on-trend brass in seconds.  Simply pop out the glass and back, spray the frame and let dry for 1 hour.

    Speaking of the above mention on art work frame restyling, almost anything can be magically transformed with spray paint.  There are infinite types of spray paint, including ones that give metal finishes, lacquer finishes (for furniture), matte & glossy, and theres even white board eraser & chalk board effect spray paint.


You've cleared your space, you've rearranged what you own into a new, more functional formation.  You've utilized hidden treasures throughout your home and perhaps even attempted a DIY project or two through rejuvination.  Your space already looks 70% better, but now what...?

Set aside a budget to add refreshers.  Hint: The smart way to gain this new budget is through selling some of the things you want to purge.  Try phone apps like "OfferUp" or "LetGo" for fast cash to use towards these new purchases.

Although new furniture is obviously considered a sparkly new addition to your design, it's not what we consider a refresher.  Check out the list below of refreshers we commonly purchase for our clients.  

  • Coffee table books
  • Candles
  • Decorative bowls, serving trays, vases, orbs, glass pieces, mini-sculptures, etc..
  • Art work
  • Mirrors
  • Plants
  • Accent pillows & throw blankets
  • Small accent chairs, ottomans or stools
  • Small accent tables
  • String lights, or small lights
  • Interior wall paint (think: accent wall)
  • Runner Rugs*

    *A note on runners: Runners are thin horizontal rugs,  Usually sized around 2'x5'.  Commonly found at home-goods stores unlike their larger counter-parts, these rugs are usually just as high quality in fabric and design but priced extremely lower and can be used for more than just your entry way.  Try placing under a computer desk for an elegant home office effect.)

We recommend anywhere from $50, for a minimal effect, to $700 for a maximum effect.  These little details make *all the difference*.  Savvy shoppers can find gold-mines within local thrift stores and online apps, like the ones mentioned above.  For those in a rush, or who simply need instant results, decoration stores such as Marshalls & TJ Maxx usually have pluthras of super-stylish, discounted name brand pieces.  And obviosuly, for those who are patient, the internet offers a near infinate amount of home good stores.  (Check out this video guide we created on how to find the best quality, most stylish & affordable accessories online.)


If you follow the above steps, you'll probably be tired after, however the benefits of just a brand new space on an extreme budget, but also the satisfaction of reusing your existing pieces and bringing new life to them is worth all the work!

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