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Affordable Interior Design Wins Award from!

Congrats to AID Miami!

Out of 261 interior design firms in South Florida, Affordable Interior Design was selected to be among the top interior design firms in Miami, by  The top 17, in fact!  Candidates were selected due to 6 key factors such as high reputation, professionalism, credibility and expertise. 

Out of 261 firms, 109 were curated and 17 of the best were selected for 2016's top firms!

Congratulations to Affordable Interior Design Miami and it's talented team for another wonderful year of expert designing and stellar customer service!

Behind The Scenes: How to Use Color in Interior Design. Taking Risks with Color
Are you scared to use color in your project?  See some fun ways we used it, and get ideas!

Are you scared to use color in your project?  See some fun ways we used it, and get ideas!

How to use color in my design?

Are you like most people
who are scared to use color?

Don't worry, you're not alone.  Many people are scared to and unsure on how to take risks with color.  Check out some of the ways Miami Interior Designer Sara Tayte incorporated bright colors into interior design seamlessly.  See how color can change a space, highlight an area, show personality, accent a room and bring life to your room!

Color isn't limited to just paint.  You can use color in almost everything for a surprisingly powerful effect.  We have used it in art work, sculptures, rugs, curtains, furniture and more!

Here are some ideas on how to use color in interior design projects!

Behind The Scenes: Installing Barn Doors in Miami for Our Clients
Our Barn Door Solution For Our Interior Design Clients - Created by Sara Tayte from AID Miami

Our Barn Door Solution For Our Interior Design Clients - Created by Sara Tayte from AID Miami

When there is a will, there is a way!

Our client's purchased a new home in coral gables that included an extension of the home the previous owners had built.  A den, with a narrow hallway and no door was added to the main living room.  Our client's wanted to use this as both a den, and a guest room, but the space allowed for neither a pocket door nor a traditional door, due to the hallway and wall corners.

So what was there to do to offer privacy to the room?  Well - a barn door of course!

Barn doors are an increasingly popular option of interior doors.  They double as both a very visually pleasing decoration and act as a super functional, alternative type of doorway.  They also bring very warm, laid-back and comfortable feelings to the home's inhabitants.  This could be due to it's relaxed and rustic background.  (You can also find super modern barn doors, too.)

Check out the before and afters of this Barn Door Design in Miami!

Behind The Scenes: Custom Art in Miami - How We Created Custom Canvas Art for Our Clients!

Above & Beyond - 

Recently our client wanted a specific type of artwork design, but was unable to find it.  As well, any art they found was way too expensive for their budget.  Our designer Sara Tayte paired up with a local artist, and created a fun design herself alongside her client using smears of paint colors and a piece of printer paper.

This simple design was given to the local artist, and a custom, affordable piece of custom art in miami was created quickly and beautifully!  It was exactly what the client wanted, and looked expensive and custom, all for under his initial budget! 

Anything for our clients!

Modern Luxury Chairs We Love

Stylish & Classic

Ahhhh... modern chairs.  The staple of great design, the consistent pieces in a design world that's abundant with change.  With all the replicas out there, how do you know where to find the best modern chairs online?

We have helped take the guess work out of your hunt, and brought you 12 selections of our favorite chairs.  

Trending Furniture Selections

Not sure what the trends in Miami Furniture are?  Check out our quick video and let us help you explore all the latest options!

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