Terms of Service

Order Policy:

If you are ordering a package, please make sure you read in the description on the site if it is a service that only available in Miami (local-only) or available through 'Virtual Design'.

  • Consultation is available for both South Florida areas as well as Worldwide with Virtual Design
  • Space Planning is available for both South Florida areas as well as Worldwide with Virtual Design
  • Web Appeal is is available for both South Florida areas as well as Worldwide with Virtual Design
  • Renewal is only available in South Florida
  • Virtual Design is available for both South Florida as well as Worldwide, but even if you live in the local-zone, we do not do house-calls with this service. 

Base Fee Policy:

For any package that includes house-calls, a one-time $3/sq foot base-fee will be added onto the project.  No matter how many packages or services you purchase, this fee will only be charged once.  This fee is charged in person, after you purchase your package and when we meet in your space that you wish to have designed. Measurements are taken by our team, and the charge is completed on-site with a Square card reader.  The project cannot be completed until this action has taken place. 

  • If the project is completed in person.
  • If the project is virtual, or done solely through technology, there is no base fee.
  • Base Fees only effect PACKAGES, not the singular services on Design A la Carte!

Tax Policy: 

When purchasing the Space Planning package, or the Design A la Carte Option 'Shopping', a 20% Resale Tax of your total budget is added to the project.   

    • This is only added if you are having us buy items for you.
    • For example, if your total shopping budget was  $1000, a $200 tax would be added onto your invoice.

    Location Policy:

    If you are outside of the Miami Proper area, or further than 5 miles away from 33139, your Free Interior Design Consultation will be limited to virtual design only.  However if you choose to hire our firm for your design services, we can still visit you, as long as you live 25 miles away from 33139.  Anything further than that, all services will be limited to Virtual Design.  

    Areas in the approved location zones include: 

    1. Miami Beach (Free Interior Design Consultation, Virtual Design and in-Person)
    2. Downtown Miami (Free Interior Design Consultation, Virtual Design and in-Person)
    3. Brickell & Brickell Key (Free Interior Design Consultation, Virtual Design and in-Person)
    4. Key Biscayne (In-Person & Virtual Design only)
    5. Mid-Beach (17th-67th on Collins and 3 miles West)  (In-Person & Virtual Design only)
    6. Coral Gables (In-Person & Virtual Design only)

    All areas not listed are only available to receive Virtual Design services.  These services are charged without a base fee, which saves you money, but is without in-person visits.  For more information please contact us at sara@affordable-interior-design.com

    Return Policy: 

    If you choose the wrong package (for example, if you wanted in-home help and you purchased Renewal [a service only available to approved location zones], we can credit your payment to a comparable service, such as Web Appeal.  However we do not offer returns on any purchases through the website. 

    Satisfaction Guarantee: 

    If you are not 100% satisfied with your interior design package or purchase, we will continue to revise it without extra edit charges until you are completely happy with the finished product!  Your happiness is our goal and mission.  


    Terms of Service

    If you are purchasing a package online through our website, please read the following terms of service first. 

    If you have any questions about your recent or future purchase, please feel free to e-mail us using the form on this page, or by calling customer support at 305.707.4013.




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