You have landed here because I am applying to be part of your team.  If you need any other information besides the content below, please let me know.  Thank you!

Sara tayte, aid interior design miami


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e-design experience

Please read about my e-design services below.

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All items and banners shown were selected + created by sara

Above is an example of embedding codes used from affiliate marketing, to suggests items to clients.  This is used in both my e-design service as well as my numerous, genre-specific blogs.  Using design boards using the objects linked in the affiliate marketing code.  (Shown Above: Pulled from

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What I am seeking

I am seeking to dedicate myself to one company where I can present myself, my skills and my experience to your clients and help to guide them along an informative, professional and a truly enjoyable design experience coupled with excellent customer service.  Since this job is secondary to my company, I am only seeking something part-time.