Base Colors

(Primary Wall/Design Color)

cold neutrals --


warm neutrals --


choose a few primary + secondary pops of color

primary pops of color are used liberally within art/decor
secondary pops only show up every-so-often


metal finishes

used in art frames, decor, furniture bases, hardware, etc


Wood Stains 


lighting temperature 

Spec sheet materials + elements


Final thing to do / houzz ideabook

Thanks for your time to take this test and iron out all these details with us!  Only one final thing is needed from you.  We want to see what you're selecting on your own, photo-wise.  Please head over to and create an ideabook with at least 10 photos PER ROOM that you're electing our services for.  (For instance, if we're assisting with your bedroom and kitchen, please provide us 10 photos of kitchens and 10 bedroom photos of bedrooms you love!)

Please utilize the "comment" section each time you add a photo and let us know what exactly you love about the room!  This is very important and is the final step on your design-style journey!

When you're done, please share the link with us! 

Thank you!


If you have photos saved on your computer of interiors/art/decor etc.. on your computer and you wish to e-mail those instead, please click below.